2016 Annual Ram Sale results

Kismet’s 2016 ram sale wasn’t dampened by the rain selling a total of 124 rams with an average of $990. 71 White Suffolk rams were sold with an average of $1,156, grossing $82,100 33 Poll Dorset rams were sold, with an average of $728, grossing $24,050 All 20 Southdown rams were sold, with an average [...]

2016-11-18T02:54:36+00:00October 10th, 2016|
Kismet Stud set on the banks of the Murray River, Howlong NSW Australia is now one of the largest White Suffolk and Poll Dorset Sheep Studs in Australia. We develop modern meat sheep suitable for today's market. Our rams and ewes show good growth, length, muscle and structural correctness for longevity and easy lambing. Don't forget our annual ram sale where we sell our best white suffolk rams and poll dorset rams.
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