Kismet Stud’s White Suffolk Sheep

Our aim

At Kismet we strive for a well balanced style of sheep with emphasis on length, muscling and structural correctness. The sheep must have clean points and a good shoulder setting for ease of lambing. We have reached the stage where our sheep have no colour or very minimal colour. We are continually on the search for the best genetics by either buying top sires or AI Programs, keeping in mind good eye muscle and fat score figures. We use the Stockscan assessment program to measure the raw data for fat score, eye muscle, depth, width and area.

“We strive to keep our quality ahead of our prices with the aim of customers returning.”

White Suffolk’s for all reasons, for all seasons

White Suffolk sired lambs are ideal for Elite lamb requirements; at carcase weights of 22 kilograms and heavier they still produce high yielding, lean carcases. White Suffolk rams, in fact, produce fast maturing lambs for the domestic trade, but can be taken through to the heavier export weights in the 24-30kg range and they have proved to be ideal lambs for finishing on feed for feedlot conditions.

White Suffolk Sheep Ram

White Suffolk Rams

With increasing sales each year, Kismet sold over 420 White Suffolk rams from the 2010 drop, and we have similar numbers available this year (2011 drop).

We put a strong emphasis on structural correctness. This being good shoulder settings and neck extension for easy lambing, as lambing difficulties are very costly. The shape of the sheep should be narrow in the shoulders and widening towards the hind quarters.

Our recent stud ram purchases include a ‘Kurralea’ ram for $6,000, a ‘Vortex’ for $2000 and a ‘Penrise’ ram for $1500. (insert Tattykeel ram photo from semen page).

Due to our irrigation set up we have the ability to grow our rams out at a young age and therefore have constant supply of rams for sale throughout the year.


White Suffolk Ewes

With over 800 mated ewes in 2010 producing approximately 1,200 White Suffolk lambs, we therefore have a good number of ewe weaners and mixed aged ewes available for sale from approximately December to March for lambing in July/August/September.

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